A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Escape the Slender forest is a free Creepypasta visual novel made with Ren'Py.

You wake up in a strange room all by yourself, without a memory of how you got here. You quickly realize that several creatures are lurking in the dark, trying to kill you - or worse.

Desperately wanting to survive you try getting your freedom back by making the right decisions, because otherwise , you will die.


Escape-1.0-mac.zip 244 MB
Escape-1.0-pc.zip 259 MB


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I don't know if this was supposed to happen, but when I downloaded it, it added a bunch of random pics to my phone. Also, is.it even fit for a.phone?

A Samsung Android phone, I mean.

No, it is PC and Mac only.

this shit slaps tbh, played it with a few friends, our character, tod (versions 1-6) is an ugly baby but we got every ending.

The sory is pretty insteresting but you need to practice drawing more

Yeah well as you can see, this game was uploaded over a year ago when I was still pretty inexperienced with digital art, I have made progress :)

Hi Bloodflow! I'm a huge fan of your's so a question! 

Does this game carry any viruses, i'm worried that i'll get a virus.

Nope, there are no viruses in this file, just the game and the data the game needs to run :)

is the game free? 

yes, it is :)

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I downloaded the game but I dont know how to play it once its downloaded! how do you play once downloaded? When I opened the file a popup apeared saying my free trial for WinZip expired but I never used winzip, please help me! I want to register but I cant spend money since im like 13.

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I don't know how WinZip works, but there is another program to unpack ZIP folders called WinRAR. You can download it for free, and it tells you that you can only use it for 40 day trial, but actually you can use it forever. After installing, right-klick the ZIP folder of the game and unpack it, and in there you find the application.


One question: After i download it how do I play it?

You have to open the folder with WinRAR or a similar program to unzip files (WinRAR is free to download, even though it states it can only be used for a limited time, you can use it forever). After installing the program. simply open the folder with said program and click on the game inside, or right-click the folder and unpack it with the program and click on the game in the new folder.


Hello, thanks for the game, i had fun, managed to escape on the fourth attempt!

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Thanks for downloading and playing my game!